Does the IRS Claim a 4980H Penalty is Owed? We Can Help!

The IRS has begun sending letters (Letter 226J) to employers who it believes owe a penalty under the ACA §4980H employer shared responsibility rules for benefits provided in 2015.

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We believe that many of the proposed IRS assessments are due to employer reporting errors, not actual violations of §4980H requirements. Benefit Comply has a team of §4980H and ACA reporting experts who can help an employer understand the Letter 226J and provide assistance in developing the employer’s response to the IRS. The process includes:


A Benefit Comply Consultant will examine the IRS Letter 226J and other relevant documentation.


The Consultant will make a determination as to how much, if any, of the proposed IRS 4980H penalty actually applies and make a recommendation to the employer.


The Consultant will assist in preparing the response to the IRS and all necessary supporting documentation for the employer (or their representative) to submit to the IRS.


The Employer is responsible for submitting the final response package to the IRS.


Contact Us To Get Started!  Employers must act quickly. They have only 30 days to respond to the IRS.